WJC Sketches the Black Sheep

It's been a few weeks since i last wrote... misfortune and illness and blah blah blah... but i am still hard at work on the Black Sheep comic whenever i have the chance and things are moving along.

In the meantime i thought i would share this sketch of the character by Warwick Johnson Cadwell...

...and here it is after i tried to throw some colour on...

I think i am right in saying this is the first drawing of the Black Sheep done by someone other than me... and it's a beauty. I cannot tell you what a buzz it is seeing something i created brought to life by such a talented artist... it's amazing.

WJC was one of the first people i told about the Black Sheep and he has been really supportive and encouraging. I was chatting to him about Ramsden a while back and happened to mention this other idea i had floating around in my noggin. I mean it was all there from the start but i thought that at best it might be fit for a short throwaway story. Warwick seemed quite excited about the character tho and his enthusiasm convinced me that maybe i was on to something bigger. I began to properly brainstorm the character and his world and it sort of snowballed from there.

So... uh... blame that guy.

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  1. Very nice I look forward to seeing more of the Black Sheep, WJC is awesome he recently did me a lucky luke