The Meaning Of Life Is That It Stops

Some of you will know by now that last month my mum passed away.


Mum went into hospital about four months ago complaining of stomach pains... she never came back home.  It was a hard thing to watch.

So much for the doctors giving her the all-clear in january.

I am heartbroken.

My mum was... lovely.

It isn't fair that she had the life and death she had... for as long as i can remember it was a struggle... suffering and worry and misery. Mum worked hard her entire life and never asked for much in return... she just wanted everyone else to be okay and happy.

No matter how hard things got she just kept on fighting.

No complaining or wallowing in self pity.

I wish i could be so strong.

I love her... and without her my life seems a little less brighter and a lot more empty.

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  1. It was the same story with my mom several years ago. It's hard and it's heartbreaking and it's not fair. I'm so sorry. I wish I could say something to make it better but I know that only comes with time. The pain gets less and less but it never fully goes away, but the memories and the warm feelings... those stay and they only get stronger.