Annus Horribilis

In august of last year my dad passed away.

My dad wasn't a Great Man... he wasn't famous or important... he didn't do anything that would stand the test of time or change the world for the better.

But he was a decent man and a good father... sometimes that is all a man needs to be... and he mattered to his family.

I loved him very much and i miss him every day.

Some other highlights of the last twelve months include: backstabbing and being let down, illness, cancer scares, miscarriage scares, elderly-uncle-disappearing-up-a-mountain-overnight-and-sparking-a-nationwide-manhunt scares, stress, break-ups, legal battles, the brutal torture and murder of a family friend, cowboy builders, shit hair, more illness, financial strain, weather, and an inability to drive.

In many ways last year was the most difficult year of my life so far, and at times i thought there would be no end to the misery.

So... fuck you 2011 and good riddance...

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