Ramsden of the Northwest Mounted Police

I'm a bit anxious about putting this out there for the entire interwebs to see. I mean what if the idea sucks? And how much of the idea is it safe to reveal without someone else coming along and pinching the thing for themselves? Or what if it all falls apart and it turns out i'm just a shitty writer?

I suppose i have to take that leap at some point tho or i'll forever be the guy sitting around dayreaming.

Big deep breath.

I have mentioned here and there that i'm working on a few comicbook ideas, and the one that i talk about most often is the one i have been describing to friends as a weird western.

Well it isn't a weird western at all... it's a weird northern.

It's about a mountie patrolling the Northwest Territories in the early 1900s and encountering all sorts of bizarre and creepy characters and monsters from Inuit folklore, as well as grotesque villains of the human variety. It's a bit like Deadwood meets John the Balladeer... or the Canadian Hellboy.

It's about old fashioned heroism and morality and loneliness and the corrupting influence of western society.

It's about great big monsters and witches that live under the sea.

And it's called Ramsden of the Northwest Mounted Police.

So there it is.

It's out there now.

No takesies-backsies.

I'm aware that mounties haven't been cool in decades... that whole Dudley Do-Right thing. I don't care. Mounties are one of the classic hero types and back in the day they were a staple of the pulps. I'm going to make them awesome again.



  1. Okay. I'm intrigued. When can I read it?

  2. I think this is a terrific idea! I would absolutely read these stories!

  3. Wow thanks guys!

    MD Jackson: i wish i could soon, but it'll probably be a long time coming. Hopefully it'll be worth waiting for tho. :)