As If By Magic, The Shopkeeper Appeared...

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

It's a lot like the old blog so if you followed me over from there you will have a decent idea of what to expect already.

If you are coming to this having never seen the old blog then in a nutshell this will be my personal blog where i can talk about pulp and noir and adventure and science fiction and horror and books and comics and movies... whatever i feel like talking about basically.

So why bother with a new blog if it is going to be more of the same?

I have been saying for ages now that i want to be a comicbook writer, so it's about time i started doing something about it instead of just dreaming. I'm going to be writing and developing some of my characters and ideas in the next few months, and i wanted to have a blog where i could talk about the process and share some behind-the-scenes stuff with people.

At least that's the plan anyway.

Another reason for starting over is that i want to concentrate on quality over quantity. I don't have as much time as i used to, and i don't want to fall into the trap of posting rubbish just for the sake of posting something new on a regular basis. My hope is that if i post something on this new blog it'll be because i had something worth writing about and i put some effort into the writing. It might mean fewer posts but i hope it will make for a more interesting blog.

I suppose this new blog is me getting serious then... which hopefully isn't quite the same as boring.

Blame/thank pulpmeister Dave Flora for inspiring me to pull my socks up and encouraging my foolishness.

So that's the why.

Sometime in the next week i'll be posting some details about the comic i'm working on currently. I have some design sketches and stuff i might be able to share depending on how confident i'm feeling. I haven't talked about or shown this stuff publicly before so i don't mind admitting i'm more than a little nervous.

In the longer term i have a couple of interviews lined up that should be pretty interesting.

I also want to do some articles and reviews looking at British pulp... the authors, characters, books, movies... as i love British pulp and i feel it tends to be overlooked by most people in favour of the more popular and more well known American variety.

Hopefully you will stick around and continue reading and maybe even find one or two things to enjoy.


  1. Glad to see you are moving into new territory. Welcome the world of struggling creators. I can't wait to see more.

    tom floyd

  2. You are added to the "reading tab" my friend. Although I will miss the old blog telling me what to buy so I don't miss out. I can't wait to see what you have going on.


  3. Cheers guys!

    Tom: I love your art mate! I hope i don't disappoint!

    Jake: I'll still tell you what to buy hopefully. Also as a fellow Hellboy fan i'm hoping my own comics might to your liking.