A Scout, a Constable, and a Captain

Here's a look at some of the other characters from the first arc of Ramsden...

Inuit NWMP scout Taliriktug. I think his name means "strong arm" unless i did the homework wrong. I based his look on young Charles Bronson mostly.

Amongst other things he should be useful for telling readers and other characters all about the culture and mythology.

Constable William Dunn... a naive farmboy type from New Brunswick, whose idealism and faith in his fellow man will be tested by the reality of the situation he will be thrust into.

I suppose for want of a better term he is Ramsden's sidekick.

Captain Drummond. I was going for a mix of Ray Winstone and Ian McShane with this guy.

I don't want to say much about him other than he is bit of a bastard.

And that's all for the time being.


  1. Very nice ! Especially Captain Drummond. Have you ever read Jesuit Joe it might prove interesting reference.

  2. Cheers James!

    No i had never heard of Jesuit Joe actually. I googled it this morning tho and it looks fantastic.

    Is Jesuit Joe an actual mountie tho? I ask because Wikipedia seems to imply that he is just some guy who steals a mountie uniform or something.

    While googling that this morning i stumbled across Rodolphe's Trent series too, which also looks fantastic.

    It's times like this i wish i could read french.