Putting a Face to the Name

I suppose the title of this post says it all really.

So this is Sergeant Henry Ramsden...

Henry has a GSOH and enjoys cleaning his sidearm, the poetry of Robert Service, dogs that look a bit like wolves, and long walks along the (frozen) beach.


  1. Howdy.. I'm a new follower.

    Nice renderings. I'm very curious what media was used. They _really_ look like pencil sketches. Did you use a light box to create the three versions? Or was it actually drawn digitally with added texture (and you took the time to bleed the texture outside of the lines to make it look like natural pencil smudging?)

    Anyway, looking forward to future posts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Howdy J² and thanks! :)

    Just pencil sketches with a bit of photoshop trickery. I did basic sketches of the head, the goggles, and the hat, then i scanned those all in and used photoshop to superimpose the hat and goggles onto copies of the head.

    More or less the same thing i did with the costume sketches in the previous post... altho i went a step further and added some colour to those.

  3. Ah.. that makes perfect sense. Very clever Mr. Simon. I can't wait to hear more about Ramsden's encounters with the bizarre.